Summer Whites





My daughter (age 2), has taken to eating peanut M&M’s in a peculiar way as of late. She sticks them in her mouth and then takes them out over and over so that she can examine how the color lightens around the shell with each taste. Throughout this process the color of the candy is clearly not only relegated to her tongue, and it covers her hands, cheeks, and clothes in blue, red, and soooo much green. It’s just precious, you guys. So, clearly the fact that I continue to wear white on white makes no sense in this phase of life with littles at home, but I can’t help it. I’m a rebel, reckless and stalwart. A daring trailblazer with the heart of a lion who won’t let a tiny, blue-handed foe dictate my sartorial choices. Or I’m just a dummy who is naive enough to think that my 2-year old will respect the sanctity of summer whites, every gal’s fashionable right before (and after, if you ask me) Labor Day.

So, come at me two-year-old, covered in green goo. Regardless of the color covering of your hands, face, clothes, neck, hair, feet, and somehow your back, I’ll wear my white jeans without fear! (Or probably just on date nights after you are fast asleep because #momlife.)

ox. Liz

Blouse: c/o Cents of Style
Jeans: c/o Cents of Style
Flats: c/o Cents of Style
Hat: Lulus

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