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There are some things I LOVE to wear – when you find them they instantly go on constant rotation and when you wear them you feel just as good as you did when you wore them a few days before. Or yesterday (#nojudgement).

Today I have a couple of those kinds of pieces to share with you! Perhaps we’ll call them merry-go-round pieces because they go round and round in your closet rotation and you love them and they are the funnest (bonus points if one of your merry-go-round pieces has a picture of a merry-go-round on it – you’ve just reached closet inception – we congratulate you).

Anyway. Here are my merry-go-round faves as of late, in list form:

  1. This tassel shirt from One Loved Babe. This lovely is what dreams are made of. I love shirts that have a unique touch like these little tassels, and this tee has the perfect relaxed fit and subtle hi-lo hemline. This is gonna be my go-to shirt of the summer because its light weight and comfortable and so cute.
  2. This necklace from Littlefield Lane, which you will be seeing A LOT of in the future, is now one of my most prized possessions. It has the sweetest heart charm plus two charms representing my husband and little boy. It encapsulates the things I care about most, and I am going to wear the heck out of it because I love it so much.

I also love a good platform wedge, comfy skinnies, and cute but functional diaper bag (as pictured), but the shirt and necklace are taking the prize today. Now climb aboard that shiny, gorgeous merry-go-round and tell us, what’s going round and round in your closet? Please oh please say it’s that merry-go-round shirt. I heard when you reach closet inception Tim Gunn is there to greet you and I want to know if this is really so.

xo, Sam

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Shirt: co/One Loved Babe
Necklace: co/Littlefield Lane (heart, initial charms)
Bag: co/Babymel
Jeans: similar
Wedges: similar

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