Two Things.


Happy Monday! Today I just really want to talk about two of the items I am wearing in these pics because I love them and you need to know about them. Let’s keep it simple on the day after a holiday. #CadburyComa

First, this Korra dress from The Perfect White Dress is the comfiest. It swings, doesn’t cling, comes in great colors and has the cutest shape.  The Perfect White Dress also sells LDS Temple Dresses, so be sure to check them out if you are in the market for a casual dress or a temple dress!

And second, this cardigan from Taralynn’s Boutique. This thing is a MUST-HAVE. The softest piece of clothing I own, light as a feather, the perfect length, and so cozy. The perfect transition piece from winter to spring that I have probably worn 10 times (not an exaggeration) since I got it a couple weeks ago. It is just so good.

Do you have any pieces of clothing you are loving right now? Preferably ones that cover a carrot cake baby? Share away!

xo, Sam

Photography: Mariko Kay Photography
Makeup: Makeup by Kumiko

S H O P   T H I S  P O S T 
Booties: c/o Cents of Style
Necklace: c/o Shein
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