Brown Butter Rice Krispie Treats with Sea Salt

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If you know me, I mean, really know me, then you know that rice krispie treats are my truest love. There is no sweet treat I would rather have on my plate. I would choose them easily over brownies or pie or even the gooiest cookie. I love the texture, I love the crunch, I love to make them in a small pan so they are super tall and dense like little bricks of marshmallow coated love.
I have always considered these dream squares to be perfection, that is, until this version of the recipe came along and blew apart what I thought I knew about rice krispie treats. This recipe takes what is already happiness in a square and makes it nutty, salty-sweet, rich, unadulterated bliss in a square. Somehow browning the butter and adding sea-salt changes everything and I can NEVER go back. Truly, this is THE rice krispie treat recipe and that’s coming from me, the founder/president of the Rice Krispie Treat-a-holics.

Now enough with the superlatives. It’s really no use since this sort of thing cannot be put into words. Let’s get to browning:
Recipe adapted from Smitten Kitchen
Can you handle it? So. Good. I can’t wait for you to make this rice krispie treats recipe and change your life. Upon doing this you’ll likely feel the urge to send me cards and gifts. Please understand that I cannot accept them. I just ask that you share the recipe with those you love and spread the joy (unless you were planning on sending me money. In that case feel free to make the check out to Liz).
What’s your favorite way to eat a Rice Krispy Treat? Are you a purist? Do you like peanut butter to be involved? I need your secrets NOW.
Happiest baking!
ox. Liz


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  • AdriannaAugust 27, 2019 - 7:42 pm

    Honestly, wasn’t expecting to like them THIS much. I knew I was going to like them. but wow. These are so so good. Please if you’re reading this and considering making them do yourself a favour and MAKE THEM. I used salted butter and added a 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla. I think it really added to these. Love brown butter. Loved this recipe. Thank you.ReplyCancel