Blue Valentine






I have never really understood why some people dread Valentine’s Day. Maybe I’m a delusional weirdo who is out of touch with reality, but even when I has single I always looked at it as an opportunity to express love in super cheesy ways to everyone I love, and I live for that kind of thing. Cheap heart-shaped boxes of chocolates with weird images of fake roses and “For my Valentine” embossed in gold across them? Yes. I want ALL of those. Stuffed animals (preferably frogs or elephants because, why?) holding hearts/roses/candy? Get at me. (Bonus points if they are wearing sunglasses and make some sort of reference to their Valentine being “cool”.)

I love it. And I love love. So hopefully, even if you’re not a Valentine’s Day fan, this post is the only blue you’ll come into contact with this weekend. And if you are a little blue over the holiday, I recommend a little online shopping (maybe for this top from Pink Blush? So. Obsessed) followed by picking yourself up a big box of Russell Stover’s and renting Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken. Because they can’t, guys. They just can’t.

ox. Liz

Top: c/o Pink Blush
Boots: c/o AMI



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