Be Cool


I am not cool, you guys. I have a weird obsession with my huge fuzzy Ugg slippers, I cannot dance (like really, REALLY can’t) I don’t understand Drake, and I feel like a little kid who got into her mom’s makeup when I put on red lipstick. Plus, since I became a mom the problem has only gotten worse, and continues to spiral out of control. I now sometimes dream about driving a mini van where the doors open by themselves, I turn everything I say into a song, generally to the tune of Old MacDonald because along with my lack of dance skills I was also not blessed with musical creativity, and I live for getting into bed at 9:00 pm. Or 8:30. With a BBC Victorian drama of some kind. And tea. Like a grandma (and not the cool kind, obvi). #TurnUp

But you know when I am cool? In this romper. In this romper I fake it and I’m a little more Gwyneth Paltrow cool mom with her shiz together and a little less mom-who-wants-to-color-in-her-adult-coloring-books-after-dark. This romper gives you accessible sass and coolness without making you feel like you are trying too hard because you’re not. It’s too comfy and easy to be trying too hard. It’s cool mom perfection and even if at the end of the day all you want to do is take it off, put in your adult retainer and watch Dateline, you can do so with pride knowing that for a little while, in this romper, you lived like a cool person.

ox. Liz

Romper: c/o Eva Jo Rompers
Booties: c/o AMI
Bracelets: Alex and Ani


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