The Adventures of Batman Mom

I have always gone back and forth about faux fur clothing items. They generally remind me of the women on Housewives of Beverly Hills with misshapen Botox faces and red claw fingernails which is a type of mom/wife/person that frightens me.

However, when I decided to take a chance on this vest I realized that this thing has POWERS. Super powers. And then, I throw it on with pleather leggings, and things go to another level. My super powers turn me into my alter ego Batman mom who puts on her super hero suit and can pretty much accomplish anything whilst looking like I have it together. I feel fancy. I feel strong with it. I feel like I’m handling this life shiz. Batman mom is a BOSS. Who knew it would be as simple as throwing on a fur vest? The power of clothing, you guys. Bruce Wayne got it right.

xo, Sam

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Vest: c/o Cents of Style
Flats: c/o Cents of Style
Bracelets: c/o Cents of Style
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