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We just moved to a new house in a new town. The town we left is so dear to me and was the longest I had ever lived anywhere, so to say it was hard to leave is an understatement. But here we are, learning to love a new place and working hard at making it feel like home!

But when I move, I don’t want to just transplant a room from my old house and have it be the exact same in the new house. I like to mix things up, make it feel different, and figure out new ways to use things I already have. I find that by getting a few new items to mix in, you can give your existing decor new life and bring focus to those pieces in new ways. For example, in our new living room…

(This photo has been featured on Shutterfly!)

Most of the pieces in the gallery wall were used in our previous house. We just added the coolest clock and a barn wood heart, both from Rod Works – our FAVORITE home decor shop (and we will be doing a giveaway with them tomorrow, so keep an eye on our Instagram account)! Just add a few new pieces to a bunch of stuff we already had, and we have a gallery wall that is at another level and the funnest focal point in the room.



The other item we added that made the hugest impact in changing the feel of the room is this amazing rug (from RugsUSA). The color and pattern are different from anything I have, and I love the style it adds. And also TASSELS. Need I say more?

But actually I will say a little bit more. This rug elevates the room to make it feel like more of a living room than a family room, which is exactly what we wanted to accomplish. It adds the coolest visual element and makes the room more interesting. The quality is amazing, especially for the price. It arrived quickly and the customer service I received from RugsUSA was amazing. Also, sales on sales on sales! So many of their rugs are 70% off right now AND they are having a $99 sale on a bunch of 5×8 rugs plus free shipping. I could go on and on!




I am so happy with how it has turned out, and having such a pretty room has definitely made the move easier to bear. How do you use and reuse your home decor? What are your favorite ways to refresh your home? Please share!

xo, Sam

S H O P  T H I S  P O S T
Rug: c/o RugsUSA
Clock: c/o Rod Works
Heart: c/o Rod Works
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