Mondays and things.



This is my first Monday back in Pennsylvania after a month of traveling to Utah and California over the holidays and it’s giving me the sads. There is still luggage that needs to be unpacked and the fridge could stand to be filled, but if I did those things then my very successful run of procrastinating real life would be over and I’m just not a quitter.

I feel like this fog of post-traveling-blues is making it hard to blog, too. I’ve started writing this morning about A. Making a Murderer and how I need to be a lawyer now and fix everything but obvi I would be a cute lawyer, i.e. Elle Woods, B. My kids and the things they spill, or C. The standard Monday go-to of how Monday’s are the worst and the weather is gross/how Diet Coke helps me combat said bad day/weather. If I had any gumption perhaps I would write them all and then make this a super fun “Choose Your Own Adventure” style blog post where you could, you know, choose your own blog post adventure, but that seems like something that a person who wanted to have fun on Monday mornings would do and I don’t want to have fun this morning out of spite. Monday morning just doesn’t deserve that.

So instead I guess I’ll just go with saying that this dress is my winter go-to, these boots make me feel like a cool pioneer, and this “be kind” bracelet is my favorite forever. Also, obvi, Diet Coke heals all. You knew it was coming.

Good luck with your Monday! We’ll try again tomorrow to be really good at life when we’re more used to this work-week business.

ox. Liz

Booties: c/o Cents of Style
Bracelet: c/o Cents of Style
Dress: c/o Azbro
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