Five Things Friday!

Happy Friday, friends! Let’s talk about five of our favorite things floating around on the internets lately, shall we? TGIF 4evr.

1. These letterboards! Who knew that the message boards from your grandpa’s office would make such a stylish comeback? We love these so much and if you love them you can get yourself one and then show the world how much you love it by writing on it that you love it. I think that’s what the kids refer to as “meta”. So cute.

2. Loooooove day! It’s coming! I love pretty much anything in the shape of a heart so my sweet tooth blew a gasket over these gorgeous Raspberry Mousse Meringue Hearts. GIMME.

3. So, listen. Sam is a planner. BIG TIME. She writes everything down, schedules her life meticulously, and as a result she is killing it. Me, on the other hand? I write some things down on the backs of envelopes which I never see again, I regularly miss appointments, and I pretty much have no idea what I’m doing with my life unless there is ice cream involved. Somehow I remember to be at things where I know there will be ice cream. Anyway…THESE PLANNERS. These planners make me want to be a planner. So pretty.

4. It’s no secret that we are complete Cents of Style junkies around here and today it is another level because all suede boots and booties are 40% off TODAY + free shipping using the code SUEDE at checkout. Heck. Yes.

5. You guys. Please tell me you are as obsessed as I am with carpool karaoke on the Late Late Show? I LIVE for them and this week’s with Adele was soooo good. Please watch. Also, the first Justin Bieber one will make you a Belieber. Don’t ask me how I know that.

That’s it, love bugs. What are you loving this week? Dish dish dish, and happiest Friday!

OX. Sam & Liz

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