A Visit to Hershey, PA

You. Guys. I know I’m an over-user of superlatives. I know. But really, I have been BEYOND excited to talk to you about the little getaway to Hershey, PA that we took a couple of weeks ago. This place is legitimately The Sweetest Place on Earth and we had an absolute blast spending time there while it is all dressed up for the holidays. It. Was. Magical. Let’s talk about it.

Hershey, PA is just under two hours from where I live in State College, PA so we have visited the town a couple of times before, but had never been during the Christmas season when Hershey Park, Chocolate World, and The Hotel Hershey were all gussied up. Every inch of the Hershey attractions were decked out in lights and bows and other lovely touches that made my heart nearly explode with Christmas joy. First, we went to Chocolate World.

Hershey’s Chocolate World is a wonderful attraction outside of Hershey Park with a lot of interactive experiences, a free ride showing how chocolate is made, wonderful food and treats, and aisles upon aisles of shopping for the chocolate lover.



One of the FUNNEST experiences you can do inside of Hershey’s Chocolate World is the Make Your Own Chocolate Bar experience! You get to make your own chocolate bar from start to finish, totally customized from the kind of chocolate, the treats inside, and the design of the wrapper! Then you get to watch every step as it is made! Seriously, I got emotional. The birth of a chocolate bar just gets me.




While in Hershey we stayed at the GORGEOUS Hotel Hershey, the official resort of Hershey Park. Staying there was like stepping back in time with the detail of the decor to the attentiveness of the staff. Plus there are chocolate bars at check in, and Kisses on your pillow before bed. Amazing. Just look at this lobby:


On Thanksgiving morning we had a blast ordering room service and laying back and watching the parade. The Sweetest Place on Earth for sure.


The grounds of the resort are covered in amazing fountains and gardens and the list of activities offered at the resort boggled my mind. Plus, I swear the air ALWAYS smelled like chocolate. I could have died.

One of the major highlights of the trip was going to Hershey Park for it’s Christmas Candylane celebration! This is when the park is lit up with more than 4 million lights, seasonal treats, ice skating, tons of fun rides, and a visit from Santa with his 9 live reindeer! Ya, if you were a Grinch going in, you were definitely bursting with Christmas spirit when you left. We loved it.


 All the lights! So magical. Redd’s face says it all.






Santa! I know him!



Ohhhh the treats. Amazing chocolatey treats were around every corner. We had chocolate coming out of our ears and I welcomed it whole-heartedly.

This little lady had a mouth full of chocolate and a death grip on a Hershey bar the entire time. She takes after her momma.

The last thing we did was visit the Hershey’s Sweet Lights! This was over two miles of light displays through the hills of Hershey. How many times have I said it was magical? WELL, IT WAS.

If you are on the East Coast a visit to Hershey, PA is a TOTAL must any time of the year. It is so fun to see the origins of such an iconic brand and visit the fun town that was built as a result. The resort is perfect, the park is super fun for all ages, Chocolate World gives you all the chocolate love you can handle, and they aren’t kidding when they called it The Sweetest Place on Earth. I am obsessed and can’t wait to go back.
Thank you to The Hotel Hershey for having us! The toothaches I now have are SO worth it.
ox. Liz


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