How I Romp






Today I am happy to share with you my #1 favorite article of clothing in my closet – this floral Sylvie romper from Eva Jo. This thing is what dreams are made of. It is so perfect for so many occasions, or as Eva Jo says: rompers for however YOU romp. For example, maybe today you want to hide a few extra pounds from allllll the candy you ate over the weekend. BAM – Eva Jo romper. Or if you have a crazy toddler or two to chase around the house all day. BAM – Eva Jo romper. Need something comfy/cute to wear to work today? BAM – Eva Jo romper. Wear it on a date with your husband. Throw it on to look sassy for a girl’s night out. Wear it to run errands. It is the perfect piece of clothing for however you romp.

Note: If you like to romp by taking a nap it is also super comfy for that. Not that I know from lots of experience or anything.

How are you romping today?
ox. Sam

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