The Black Screen






This morning during the precious window where baby is sleeping and things are quiet I was working on a project for work that has been putting knots in my shoulders for days. Just as I was feeling as though I was getting somewhere with it my computer started to slow and then went black. Black as night. Blacker than a black hole in the farthest corner of the universe. REALLY REALLY BLACK YOU GUYS.

As of now I haven’t been able to revive the poor thing and I think I have moved on to the second stage of the dead-computer-with-a-precious-work-project-on-it-grieving process (the first being letting the expletives fly while simultaneously punching couch cushions). The second stage involves drinking a Diet Coke and dreaming of the land that wearing this maxi dress transports me to. Isn’t it perfect? There is something so Anne of Green Gables meets 2016 about it and I love it so much. It belongs in a place where computers never crash and people spend time in meadows and pies are on windowsills and the projects you do for work are planning some sort of town bazaar with quilts and baked goods and such. I want to go to there.

So, here’s to the little things like the perfect maxi dress that helps to take you away from the stress of a black, black, black, DEAD AND BLACK computer and remind you to twirl a little more. Hopefully you have a couple of those kinds of things in your life today (and if not, don’t fret. Just go get the trick-or-treating candy out of the closet and breathe deeply. I’m going to.)

OX. Sam

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