DIY Abstract Zipper Pouches

With school starting I am always drawn me to the school supply aisle like a moth to a flame. Pencils! Folders! Notebooks! I love it all even though I am not a student myself. There is something so fun to me about lots of fresh papers and pens and learning supplies. So when I came across these little plain zipper cases they they spoke to me in that new-school-supplies way and I had to have them and make them my own. I have absolutely no artistic skills but I had the best time just slapping paint on these babies and think they are perfect for school or makeup or just sitting in your purse looking cute.
Here’s how I made them:
Supplies Needed: 
-Plain Zipper Pouch (I found mine on Etsy)
Mod Podge Mod Melts and Mod Molds (I used the gem one)

1. Paint your pouches! I searched around some abstract patterns I liked on Pinterest and used them as inspiration. (Tip: Stick a piece up paper inside the pouches while you are painting them so they don’t bleed through.)

2. To add a fun touch I decided to make a charm to hook on to the zipper. To do this I used Mod Podge Mod Melts and Mod Molds. These are so fun! You just stick the melts in your glue gun, fill up your mold, let dry and then pop them out!

3. You can buy the Mod Molds in colors but I used white so I could paint mine to match my pouches. After painting, let dry completely, then poke a hole in the charm and connect to the zipper with a ring.



Aren’t they cute? One-of-a-kind and they have SO many uses.



What are your favorite supplies in the school aisle? Let’s obsess together!
ox. Liz
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