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Photo credit: Adam Welker

Can you believe it? Summer is nearly over! I know it happens this time every year but it still always feels like betrayal, like summer stole your boyfriend or something. What a tramp.

However, this year we are a little more excited than usual about the change of seasons because Redd, my three-year-old, is starting preschool and he is out-of-his-mind excited. It has been so fun getting him a new backpack and school clothes for his first day. And I figured since I made the human who is going back to school that I needed some back-to-school shoes too, so we decided to be twinning in our matching Converses from Rack Room Shoes, a tradition of matching that I’m sure he will be pleased to be a part of well into adulthood.

If you are looking for the perfect first day shoes for you or your family, Rack Room Shoes will be hosting its annual Shoes That Fit campaign which empowers customers to impact their local community by giving to children in need! During checkout you can easily add on a donation at the register in-store or at online check-out to provide at-risk children in their community with new shoes for the school year. Last year, Rack Room Shoes committed $600,000 to Shoes That Fit through the campaign and this year you have the opportunity to help even more kids with your donation! Plus, a cute pair of Converses can reeeeally take the edge off the end-of-summer pain you may be feeling. It’s working for me. 

How are you feeling about summer ending/school starting? Consider this your summer’s-ending-support-group. Let it out.

ox. Liz

Redd’s Converses: Rack Room Shoes
Liz’s Converses: Rack Room Shoes
Dress: Mikarose
Plaid Blouse: Oasap

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