The Monday After

We had THE best 4th of July weekend with our family, and as usual, the post-holiday/post-weekend/Liz-is-going-home depression is setting in. Why do holidays have to go by so much faster than normal days? Why do sister’s have to live across the country? Yes, it’s tough. But we have the loveliest memories of long walks on the farm, and chats by the river in our favorite Lime Ricki swimsuits, and tacos at our favorite place (THE TACOS) to hold on to until the next time. Liz always tells her three-year-old not to cry because it’s over, but to smile because it happened. And even though I don’t think it really works, and he still gets mad and throws macaroni in her face, it’s a nice sentiment.
So guys, let’s smile because it happened today, ok? Or let’s take a nap because it happened. I might be sad it’s over, but I’m also way tired.
Hope your weekend was lovely, too!
xo, Sam
Swimsuit: c/o Lime Ricki
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