Fashion Fantasies

I have this fantasy every time I put on an outfit like this that gives the illusion of two pieces but is only one, that ALL of my clothes were this way. Pants that are already connected to a shirt, shirts that look layered but really are just one, I love that stuff. It makes getting dressed so easy and although, yes, I am an adult and I can handle putting on my shirt separate from my pants if I have to, I can’t deny that a world where all the clothes are one piece would be ideal to me. Some people dream of a world full of peace, I dream of a world full of one-pieces.
What I’m saying is, this dress is so good. Flowy and pretty, so so comfy and yep, just one piece. Pink Blush is my maxi dress Mecca, with so many gorgeous dresses it boggles the mind and lots that are one piece so, ya, they get me.
What is your fashion fantasy? Leggings as business causal? High-waisted jeans forever? Everyone dressing like the girls in White Christmas? (Ok, that’s another of mine. It’s my blog, I can make this all about me.) Spill, sister.
ox. Liz
Dress: c/o PinkBlush
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