The Total Package Dress

Let’s take an unofficial poll, shall we? What is your favorite spring/summer item to bust out of the closet after a long, LONG winter? A pair of wedge sandals? A flowy blouse? I think mine is a dress like this one from our friends at PinkBlush. I shall call it the Total Package Dress. These sort of dresses have it all: a sleeve so you don’t have to wear anything over it, a good length so you don’t have to wear anything under, and a pretty print that tells the world that your months of burying yourself in all the gray are long gone. When you throw on a TPD (Yes. It has an acronym now. It deserves it.) and the sun is shining and there’s nothing else you gotta do to get dressed so you can go out and frolic in the wildflowers like Julie Andrews taught us to do so well then things are pretty close to right in the world.
So, I say thank you TPD’s of the world for the joy you bring to me. If I could find one of you in a donut print it’s likely that I’d never need anything else to be happy. Except for real donuts to eat while I’m wearing it because only looking at donuts on a dress would be dumb.
ox. Liz
Dress: c/o PinkBlush (It’s on sale right now for only $28!!)
Shoes: similar
Necklace: NY & Co.


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