PLG Rewind: 12 Spring Outfit Ideas

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Closet transitioning when the seasons change can be a tricky thing. Especially if you are like me and have been dressing like a bag lady all winter and now you have to remember how to wear pink again. So, we did some digging in the PLG archives to help get the spring-dressing-juices flowing. 
For me, the thought of having regularly shaved legs and toe nails that don’t look like they belong to a hobbit seems a little daunting right now, but I feel like finding the perfect wedge sandal will help give me confidence to commit to being a lady again. I suppose having regular sunshine over weather so cold your eyeballs freeze is also an adequate trade.
What trends are you looking forward to wearing now that the weather is warming up? Let’s girl talk. 
ox. Sam & Liz

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