Cinderella 2.0








Have you all seen the new Cinderella with Rose from Downton? (I’m sure she has another name, but Downton. So good.) I thought the movie was the sweetest but really the showstopper of the whole thing for me was that dress she wore to the ball. My impulses while watching her in it was to rip it off of her and either twirl in it myself or curl up in it and nap (SO poofy!).

That thing was glorious and made me mourn a little for the fact that in our modern world, unless you are playing Cinderella in a play or movie, at Disneyland, or are just a little crazy and THINK you are Cinderella you will likely never get to wear such an insanely twirly, sparkly ball gown.

However, that my friends, is why we have Shabby Apple. Their dresses make you feel like the queen you most certainly are, plus at the end of the day, since this is 2015, you get to take off your gorgeous dress and put on sweats and get ice cream out of the freezer and turn on Downton, all things that Cinderella REALLY missed out on. Plus guys, her friends were mice. The. Germs.
ox. Liz
Dress: c/o Shabby Apple
Shoes: c/o AMI (On sale RIGHT NOW for $12.50!)
Necklace: Target


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