Business Colorful

Dressing for the office can be a real drag. All the khaki colors and sensible shoes of the business casual world can really make you feel sad after awhile. So, I’ve created my own dress code, and I hereby deem it business colorful. You must wear all the colors you can get on your body for this dress code, and seeing these colors will make other people happy, and the world will be a better, more khaki free place. Plus, if that dress code idea doesn’t take I am working on a backup idea where instead of casual Friday you just tell your boss to shut up and leave you alone because THIS IS AMERICA AND YOU CAN WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT. 
Or you could just head over to Dana-Leigh Apparel like I did, not get fired, and get yourself some cute colorful clothes to start your own business colorful revolution. It’s up to you though. Like I said, this is America.  
ox. Liz 
Scarf: DIY
Skirt: Target 7.99
Boots: UrbanOG 16.99
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