The Pretty Life Project: Day 5

We can’t believe that the last day of The Pretty Life Project is here! We have been working on this project for so long and now it’s finally time to get to choosing winners! This project has been incredibly rewarding for us we can’t thank you enough for all of your beautiful nominations. Reading them has been a blessing that we never anticipated and has put so much into perspective for us. Reading about each story has solidified for us the need to look out for everyone and count our own blessings for the gifts of health, family, and love we have been given in our own lives. It was wonderful to see friends nominating friends, husbands nominating wives, children nominating parents, and siblings nominating siblings and feel the love and concern each had for their nominee. Thank you for sharing your stories and giving us the opportunity to spread a little Christmas cheer to your loved ones! It has meant so much.
Also, we have to thank the sponsors of this project again and again. Each sponsor and shop donated gifts to this undertaking SO selflessly and there is no way we could have made this happen without their generous support. In your shopping this month and after we would love it if you would think of them (their links can be found at the bottom of each post in the project). They deserve it.
Now with that, we still have two amazing prizes to give away (and I mean AMAZING), so take a look and get to nominating!
The Pretty Life Project: Day 5 Prizes

 Prize 13
2 Pairs of Crocs
1 Pink Blush Scarf
Prize 14
1 Night Stay at The Grand America Hotel
2 Pairs of Crocs
1 1000 Shillings Necklace
$15 to Firmoo

The Grand America // Crocs // 1000 Shillings // Pink Blush // Stampin’ Up
Firmoo // The Melting Pot // The Garden // Sweet Salt // Skip N’ Whistle // Altra

xo, Liz and Sam

Note: After the project ends tonight we will be reviewing all entries and choosing winners. ALL entries will receive an email letting them know if their nominee was chosen as a winner or not. If you left a comment nomination and did not leave your email address, please let us know at prettylifegirls@gmail.com. Thanks!
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  • Adrianne BraunDecember 5, 2014 - 6:14 pm

    For the 5th and final day of the PLG Pretty Life Project, I nominate my very good friend Kristen. I have known her for almost 20 years! When we met, she and her husband were new parents, working very hard at jobs they liked, but didn't love. Her husband started a business soon after and she was instrumental in supporting him and his endeavors, offering advice and creative suggestions. Eventually, she left her own job and became the Chief Financial Officer in their family business. She works very hard to be an equitable and fair employer, and their company is a leader and innovator in their industry!

    Kristen is a great friend to many, generous, inclusive, and affable. She lights up a room with her smile, laughter, and acerbic and often boisterous wit! She has one child of her own, 14 nieces and nephews, and my daughter is her goddaughter. Aunt Kristy always remembers each of the children on their birthdays and holidays, she attends countless school and sporting events as a vocal booster, and she is definitely the "cool aunt," doing everything from helping with homework to singing silly songs.

    I admire her dedication to her family and friends as she hosts nearly every holiday and special event at her home. She encourages people to bring others to join in the fun; you may arrive a stranger, but you'll leave as a friend! I would love for her to win the prize 13 for being a wonderful part of my and my family's lives! adriannebraun@yahoo.comReplyCancel

  • Amanda HolmesDecember 5, 2014 - 6:38 pm

    I'd like to nominate my friend Mary Jane. The last few years have been wearing on her and her husband, with having their youngest (who is an adult) diagnosed with aspergers. Their daughter has also battled depression, which has really affected all of them. I know Mary Jane gives a lot, so it would be awesome if she were on the receiving end!
    calamity_manda (at) yahoo (dot) comReplyCancel

  • hillery.mDecember 6, 2014 - 4:56 am

    If there were anyone that I would feel deserving of this it would be my sister MayLee. Not only is she so fun to be around but she is the most loyal, kind, sweet, caring person I have ever known. She is constantly putting others before herself. Her husband is a quadriplegic so she has to do a lot of work herself. Although, he is a great support emotionally and works hard to provide for his family. She takes care of him, her two children, the cooking, the cleaning, etc. all while taking care of herself.
    A couple of weeks ago they received a letter from medicaid saying that their price would go from $600 a month to $1200 to stay with the services they provide (that includes nurses that come in to get Jimmy ready for bed and medical equipment used for his daily needs). When asked what could be done to get the price down Medicaid came back saying that if Jimmy went from full time to part time they cost would be free. Instead of making that choice they decided that they would sacrifice that medicaid to teach their children that you have to work hard in life. MayLee would then act as his nurse and go and get a job. Not once did I hear MayLee complain about having to do those things. She was ready to do anything she needed to make sure that her family was cared for. We now have found out that it was only supposed to go up $6, so they are able to stay on medicaid.
    With you two being sister I'm sure you can understand the love I have for her. She truly is my best friend and the example she shown me my whole life will stick with me forever. The Christ-like love that she shows to every person she comes in contact with is inspiring. I hope to be half as compassionate as she is one day. She hasn't had an easy life and I know she wouldn't think she were deserving of this but I also know that every person that knows her would say otherwise.
    Basically she is an awesome person who deserves to get something awesome.
    P.S. you guys are the coolest for putting this on. Seriously, amazing.ReplyCancel

  • TawniDecember 6, 2014 - 5:59 am

    I would like to nominate my little sister Kaley. This has been quite a year for her and her husband and son. Back in May, right before Mother's Day, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Cancer is a pretty scary word, but luckily after getting her thyroid removed and going through radiation, the cancer is gone. During this time and afterwards, she was having other health problems that took a while to diagnose. Turned out she also has Crohn's Disease, which she has been battling and trying to get under control. Because of this most of the time she has ZERO energy (and a very energetic little boy!). During all that time her husband got a new job, moving them from San Diego to Utah (this was good because they are closer to family, but moving is still stressful!) and her little boy had surgery to remove his tonsils and put in ear tubes. A few weeks ago they were back in San Diego for a visit when her son got a bad case of the stomach flu. Kaley caught it from him and because her Crohn's medication drastically reduces her immune system it hit her really hard. She ended up in ICU for several days and had about 8 bags of fluid pumped into her before they could finally come home to Utah. Even after that it took a couple of weeks for her to be able to walk around and do "normal" stuff without feeling shaky. I hope all this made sense, I should have gone to bed a couple of hours ago! So basically, in the past 7 months there have been cancer, Chron's disease, surgery, move to a different state, new job, and a stay in the ICU (not to mention lots of medical bills!). I know she would love to win one of these awesome prize packages. You're both so amazing to do this!ReplyCancel

  • TawniDecember 6, 2014 - 6:01 am
  • Amy Fashion BlogDecember 6, 2014 - 11:25 am

    have a great weekendReplyCancel