The Pretty Life Project: Day 1

We are SO excited to announce a project that has been in the works the last couple of months here on the PLG. Let me tell you about it! First, this blog is a place to talk about the frivolous. Clothes, shoes, crafts and food, it’s an escape from day to day stresses for us. We don’t get political. We don’t often discuss social issues or try to solve the world’s problems. We come here as an outlet from those things to talk about a bomb cookie recipe and a sale on our favorite leggings knowing that this stuff doesn’t matter. Not really. It’s materialistic, it’s silly, it’s not going to change the world. 

However, whether it’s silly or not, we recognize that over the years we have constructed a kind of platform to connect with people that has been really fun to be apart of, along with the ability to reach an audience that is big and accessible. So, we decided we wanted to do a little more. This blog will always be about pretty things, but what is more pretty than helping out your friends? So, we’ve teamed up with some of our favorite companies and blog sponsors to bring you The Pretty Life Project to help you help some of your most deserving friends, neighbors and family this holiday season. This week we will be giving you 5 days of AMAZING giveaway packages for 12 winners that YOU nominate. We want to spread love to your friends, family members, and neighbors who may need it this holiday season, no strings attached. Here’s what you need to know. 

Be a part of The Pretty Life Project!

1. Nominate your friends, family members & neighbors.
Tell us about your most deserving friends, family & neighbors. Have they had a hard year? Struggled financially or with health issues? Did they have a really bad day last week? Or, do you just love them so much and want to brighten their day? We want to hear about them! Tell us about them in the comments or email us at prettylifegirls@gmail.com. (Also, if you leave your comment here, be sure to leave your email address so we can contact you if your nominee wins!)

2. That’s it!
Yep! No following, sharing, or linking required (Although, if you wanted to tell your friends about the project we would be so thankful! The more nominations we get means a wider pool of people we can help!). Just tell us about your friends, family members & neighbors and we’ll shower them with gifts! Be sure to check in every day this week to see the new prizes and nominate as many people as you would like. Also, feel free to let us know in your comments which prize(s) you think they would like most. 

At the end of the week we will review all of the nominations and pick 12 winners! We can’t wait to hear about your nominees and do a little something to give them a boost this holiday season. 

NOW. Let’s talk about our AMAZING sponsors. Seriously, when we talk about these people it gets us all twisted up, they are SO great. When we contacted each of these wonderful companies they jumped at the chance to get involved without asking what would be in it for them. They saw the opportunity to give a little service and came through in the biggest way. Each of them is so wonderful and we recommend visiting each of their links and considering them this holiday season when you are shopping for the perfect gift. 

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. Here are today’s prize packages for The Pretty Life Project! There will be 4 winners from today’s nominees, so get to commenting or shoot us an email!

The Pretty Life Project: Day 1 Prize Packages

Prize 1
A pair of Crocs shoes of the winner’s choice
20 Printic App Prints
A set of Whit Ro & Co Hand-Drawn Cards

Prize 2
A pair of Crocs shoes of the winner’s choice
20 Printic App Prints
A set of Whit Ro & Co Hand-Drawn Cards

Prize 3
A pair of Crocs shoes of the winner’s choice
20 Printic App Prints
A set of Whit Ro & Co Hand-Drawn Cards

Prize 4 
$20 to Rod Works
A pair of Crocs shoes of the winner’s choice
20 Printic App Prints
A set of Whit Ro & Co Hand-Drawn Cards

We can’t wait to hear about your friends and love on them a little this holiday season! THANK YOU for your support of the PLG!

ox. Sam & Liz

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  • LexDecember 1, 2014 - 4:48 pm

    I'd love to nominate my little sister! A few months ago she started her freshman year of college and ended up messing up her foot pretty bad while on a hike with friends. She's spent the past few months on crutches and unable to do all of the fun college activities that her friends are off doing. I know she'd love to win some Jamberry nails and other fun goodies!


  • The Pretty Life GirlsDecember 1, 2014 - 4:53 pm

    Thank you for your sweet nomination, Lex! oxReplyCancel

  • Arbon FamilyDecember 1, 2014 - 5:09 pm

    I also want to nominate my sweet sister in law (Katie Hogue) who was just diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. She started chemotherapy right after she delivered baby #2. She has been doing treatments now for about 2 months and although sick and tired she ALWAYS has a smile on her face. Her testimony of the gospel and his plan as been strengthened as well as all of ours.

    Thanks again for doing this.

    Ami Arbon

  • Arbon FamilyDecember 1, 2014 - 5:10 pm

    I just love that you guys are doing this. I got teary eyed when Dianne Carrol told me about this and I knew immediately who I wanted to nominate.

    My sweet twin sister has been through a lot over the years and I often try to surprise and do kind things for her. This would be awesome.

    When her and her husband were first married they tried to get pregnant and when she finally did she found out that basically everything was wrong with the baby except it has a heartbeat. She carried this baby for 7 months and then she lost it. She was so sad and couldn't wait to try again. Well she got pregnant again and the exact same thing happened. Lost Baby #2. She does have 2 healthy happy children now and I could not be more pleased.

    About 3 years ago her husband at age 35 was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had brain surgery a couple times but unfortunately they were unsuccessful at removing the tumor and things just got worse and worse. He passed away at age 37 leaving his wife and 2 children.

    WE MISS HIM TERRIBLY but my sister has never once complained and went through theses trials with a smile on her face. I love her so much and would do anything for her.

    THanks for doing this, you girls are awesome.

  • Rachel // Maybe MatildaDecember 1, 2014 - 5:16 pm

    Love this project! Such an awesome way to bring a little joy to someone's life! Can I nominate more than one person? If so . . .
    1) My friend Tracy. She is one of the most kind, thoughtful, selfless people I know. She's always helping others, whether watching a friend's kids if mom is sick or opening her doors to a family that needs a place to stay while house-hunting, and she could definitely use a little fun for herself!
    2) My friend Janel. Our husbands were in school together and we became really close. She is so fun and such a joy to be around. I will never forget how thoughtful and loving she was after I had my first baby–I had postpartum depression and really, really struggled to get through each day, and she made me feel so loved. She would drop by unexpected with treats, babysit my baby so I could rest (even though she had 2 young kids herself!), and call me every day to make sure I was doing ok. She is wonderful.ReplyCancel

  • BrittneyDecember 1, 2014 - 8:56 pm

    I want to nominate my sister Baylee! She is the most positive, hardworking, selfless mom and wife I know! Despite her strong efforts, she gets a lot of negativity from certain people in her life. I know she tries not to show it, but I know how sad And depressed it makes her. She is a mom of 3 and I know she would love to win something for herself and feel a little love in her life right now!ReplyCancel

  • justicecwDecember 2, 2014 - 3:03 am

    I have to nominate my mom. She is such a loving and hardworking person and deserves something special for herself. She raised 6 kids while working fulltime as a nurse and still always had time for everyone. She volunteers often at her church and is always happy to babysit any grandkids when asked to. Thanks so much for the chance for her! justicecw@hotmail.comReplyCancel

  • Amy Fashion BlogDecember 2, 2014 - 1:09 pm

    Love thisReplyCancel

  • Rachael CanfieldDecember 2, 2014 - 6:37 pm

    I would love to nominate one of the students I teach. She is so hard working and kind. She goes out of her way to help others and make them feel special. She doesn't like it when kids get picked on and she tries to always stick up for them. She comes from a lower income family and doesn't have a lot but what she does have she gives to everyone else.ReplyCancel

  • Kristen PearDecember 2, 2014 - 9:30 pm

    I want to nominate my beautiful, selfless mother. About 10 years ago my dad's diabetes took a turn for the worse and his eyesight and kidneys failed. Within a matter of months he was pretty much a skeleton of who he once was, he had lost so much weight. There were 7 of us kids still living at home at the time and it took a big blow to our family. I remember one evening my mom asked me to take a picture of her and my dad before they were heading to the hospital for the countless time. I could tell that evening she thought I would be taking the last picture of the two of them together. My heart broke that night. Thankfully, through an angel friend donor, my dad was able to have a kidney and it has helped keep him alive to this day. Although he had returned to better health because of the kidney transplant, his eyesight was still shot. He is considered legally blind, and had to quit working because of his poor eyesight. My mother, after 20 some odd years of being a stay at home mom, had to go back to work full time and also attended evening classes to finish her degree all the while still raising our family along side my dad. In the last year or so my dad's transplanted kidney has taken a turn for the worse again. They are working on getting him back on a transplant list, but in the mean time he had to be put back on dialysis which is a machine that essentially takes out your blood, filters it, and puts it back in. It does everything your kidneys would do. He was at a facility three times a week for about five hours getting this done. In July of this year, my brother and his wife along with their seven kids decided to move back from out of state and moved in with my parents and my three younger siblings still at home. You can imagine what a zoo that was. Around the same time my dad was able to qualify for at home dialysis, he now spends five days a week for about 4 hours on that machine. My mom essentially gets up before the crack of dawn to get my younger siblings out the door for school, goes to work full time, comes home and starts my dad on dialysis basically being his "nurse" gowning up in medical garb and checking his vitals every 15 minutes for an hour and then every 30 minutes after that, all the while making sure dinner is ready to go and everyone is happy and sane. My brother and his family moved out last month after they closed on their house but I can tell that all of this has compounded and taken a toll on my sweet mother. She is always serving others, and never doing anything for herself. She cannot say no and serves those in her family, her work, and church. To add to the stress, my sweet grandma had a stroke and will be moving in with my parents next week. I'd love so much to take the stress away from my mom, and although I can't work for her or be my dad's nurse, I know giving her a little pampering or a few gifts would make her so happy. She truly is a saint, and is so deserving which is why I nominate my mom.ReplyCancel

  • WendyDecember 3, 2014 - 9:51 am

    Among all the other deserving moms out there, I nominate mine. She's beautiful and would do anything for anyone just to give them a smile. We lost my dad, her husband of 33 years, to cancer. She was his nurse and caregiver and remained strong although I know it broke her heart. About 8 years before he died, she had had 2 heart attacks and a triple bypass while still in her mid 40's. In recent years, she had to go through open heart surgery again to have a valve replaced. She struggles to breathe and doesn't feel well often but is determined to keep up with her family, church, and hobbies. She was there for me when I lost 2 babies, she was there for me when my first husband left me with tiny children, she was there for me and IS there for me for the bad AND the good. I don't want this to be a sob story but rather a tribute to a very strong, happy, and deserving woman who means the world to me and many others.ReplyCancel

  • WendyDecember 3, 2014 - 9:51 am

    Forgot my email! hiwendyhi at yahoo dot comReplyCancel

  • Amanda HolmesDecember 3, 2014 - 6:04 pm

    I would like to nominate my friend, Hannah. Life has dealt her some tough blows, with a majorly dysfunctional family that robbed her of her childhood and some major health problems in recent years (Crohns). Despite it all, Hannah is positive, sweet, and a wonderful mother to her little boy. I know the last year has been rough on her, so I would love to nominate her, since a surprise package would totally make her day!ReplyCancel

  • Amanda HolmesDecember 3, 2014 - 6:05 pm

    Oh, and my email is calamity_manda(at) yahoo(dot)comReplyCancel

  • MitziDecember 5, 2014 - 4:35 am

    Lol! I wrote a really long beautiful comment about two of my amazing sisters and went to submit it and it said there was an error! Ack! So this may not be as beautiful, but my little sister MeiLani has a 2 year old little boy who had a brain tumor removed on his 2nd birthday. She has 3 other children ages 5,3 and 5 months. AJ has been undergoing 6 weeks of radiation in FL. MeiLani has Ben driving back and forth from NC to FL to try and take care of all 4 kids. Go to http://www.savethecheeks.org to read more and get a little insight to her beautiful faith. My email address is mmmcbridemail@gmail.com.

  • MitziDecember 5, 2014 - 4:44 am

    My second nomination is for my oldest sister. She was never able to have children of her own. After 10 years of trying, she adopted 3 children. Her first has autism. Her second was born at 26 weeks gestation and has many medical problems stemming from that including chronic lung desease, a feeding tube, and many other things. She knew this when she adopted him. They told her he would never walk, never talk or ever be able to breathe on his own. He has beaten all odd on those 3 fronts but not without its struggles. She is an amazing mom who spends hours administering medicines, food and love with a smile on her face! She is always giving little treaties out to others. It would be fun if she got one herself!
    My friend Diane Carrell was right! You girls are awesome! Thanks for doing this!ReplyCancel

  • The Pretty Life GirlsDecember 9, 2014 - 6:45 pm

    Hi Kristen! What's your email?ReplyCancel