It’s Coming

I’m starting to panic that the beautiful colors on the leaves behind me are disappearing by the second. Where did spring go? Where did summer go? How is fall almost over? I swear it was just March and I was just complaining about snow on snow and here we are again staring down the barrel of COLD. I’m scared. I’m sad. But, I’m trying to be brave and look for the positives of winter which are A. Christmas, B. hot chocolate, and C. warm clothes. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to wear a sweatshirt with zebras on it in July, so cold weather is good, right? RIGHT?
Oh forget it. I hate winter. Even I were swimming in a pool of hot chocolate all winter long that wouldn’t change. Unless there was an inner tube I could float on made of marshmallow. Maybe then I might like it, but ONLY then.
Top: c/o SheInside
Pants: Old Navy $15 (similar)
Boots: Target $35 (similar)
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