It’s Awesome Time.


It is most definitely “awesome time,” don’t you think? I mean, it’s Thanksgiving this week so if you work you are probably going to be working less, and families and friends are going to be getting together, and PIE! All the pie! I mean, I’m pretty sure that when our friends at The Printed Palette made these shirts they had this week in mind. Remember how it is a holiday that revolves around not only gratitude but eating all the things? Ya. It’s awesome time.
In related news, be sure to watch out for Sam’s post later in the week to see how she styled her “It’s Awesome Time” shirt along with a chance for a couple of readers to win a tee of their own! Now go, have an awesome time. Pie is waiting.
Cardi: Target 6.99
Pants: Kohls 8.99
Flats: Target 12.00
Scarf: Walmart 5.00


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