Ode to Crocs

I think it’s pretty obvious that this post is another ode to Crocs, which have worked their way into our hearts and onto our feet. We are proud to now be a family of Crocs-wearers and couldn’t be happier about it. When ours arrived in the mail we all put them on, even baby Chance, and took some pics, which isn’t easy with a wiggly 4 month old! But I could tell he loved his so much, and he can’t wait until they fit.

I chose the same boots as Liz because those things are fabulous and a girl that lives in northern Utah can never have too many snow boots. And bonus, these ones are so cute and so comfy. Once winter comes, I intend to wear them like this probably everyday.

Now GO GO GO and enter to win your own pair in our Crocs giveaway! You don’t want to miss this one!

Happy #Croctober everyone!
xo, Sam

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