It was Labor Day Yesterday.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend, and that you had such fun doing summer things, because the other name for Labor Day is “Bye-summer-I-love-you-I-miss-you-already Day” after all, and we should celebrate it as such. My Instagram feed was full of people at lakes and cabins and pools and campgrounds with all different kinds of goodbye summer captions so I get the idea everyone sent out summer appropriately and I loved it. However, if you did not wear white, have a s’more, or run through a sprinkler do it now! There’s no time to waste!
As for me, I spent time with family, ate lots of food cooked on the grill, and wore myself some red, white, and blue. Oh, it was good. However, now is the part where I have the impulse to throw myself on the carpet and have a tantrum, toddler-style, over summer being over with. I’ll do my best to keep it together though, I mean, technically you can make s’mores year round on your stove. Like now. Right now. OKgottagobye. 
Top: c/o 6ks
Jeans: $12 Walmart (similar)
Shoes: Gift Asos (similar)
Watch: $15 Target (similar)
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