Oh, deer.





So, that three day weekend came and went pretty quick, huh? Now here we are staring just down the barrel of real life again like a bunch of suckers. No BBQ’s, just work. No pool time in the afternoon just laundry to do. No mid-day ice cream cone breaks just, you know, boring food breaks.

Oh, deer.

Okay, okay, so things really aren’t that bad, I obvi just needed a way to work in a dear/deer pun. I mean, you can have a mid-day ice cream cone break anytime. You’re an adult! You make your own happiness! You do what you want! Plus, yesterday’s holiday does signal the beginning of summer so it’s really just the start of BBQ’s, pool days, and ice cream in the middle of the day!

Anyways, I didn’t mean to bum you out at the beginning of this post. You know I’ll do anything to work in an outfit pun. Sorry, deer.

(No, really. I’m sorry.)

xo, Sam

Shirt: c/o Oasap
Pants: $15 Charlotte Russe
Shoes: $17 Amazon

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