If I were to describe my mom-niform (Mom+Uniform=Mom-niform. You know, like Kanye + Kim=Kimye? Ya, people are geniuses.) on any given day, I would have to say it is probably Jeggings + Fake-Out Top + Cool Jacket. These things all function well for me for reasons I will list now:

1.Jeggings: Guys, they are pretty much leggings. Which are pretty much jammies, soooo…

2. Fake-Out Top: I love a good fake-out top. I would describe such tops as being ones that are flowy or loose without being baggy, therefore covering my child-bearing parts. It would also be one that looks like you are trying with little effort. Take today’s little number, for instance. This top is super comfy and those adorbs lace cut-outs are doing all the cuteness work and I’m just sitting here trying to keep my toddler from eating crayons. Thanks, lace cut-outs. 
3. Cool Jacket: I love a cool jacket. Also, I need something to cover the spit-up. There you have it. 
Now I must know, what is your mom-niform, or non-mom-niform, or like, you know, what are you wearing? To the comments with you. 
Top: c/o SheInside
Jacket: c/o SheInside
Jeans: Charlotte Russe 19.99
Boots: UrbanOG 16.99
Bag: c/o StorkSak 

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