Catch Up.

Hi, friends! Sam here!

I’ve missed you since my last style post some days ago! It feels like such a victory when I pull all the crazy ends of my life together these days and get to post on this ol’ blog. It’s like seeing an old friend and giving them a biiiig squeeze. To catch up, Baby C is doing well and getting stronger every day, and although there is still a long road ahead there is much to feel positive about! Also, speaking of positives, I wore this little number over the weekend at my wonderful husbands graduation! He earned a Master’s degree from Utah State University and I am just SO proud of that little cutie. Oh, life is crazy and good, isn’t it? Plus, it’s springtime out there, so hashtag blessings.

What’s been going on with you? Seen any good movies lately? Heard of any good deals I should know about? Let’s catch up.

xo, Sam

Dress: c/o SheInside
Cardigan: $15 Old Navy
Wedges: $15 Ross

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