Week 40.

It’s upon us, friends. Week 40 of this here pregnancy. Now, if you are not me and you don’t have a ginorm baby living inside you smashing all your body parts and making you generally unpleasant to live with you probably don’t care all that much about that, and that’s ok. In fact, if you aren’t 40 weeks pregnant this week you should be living your life as such. That’s what I would do. You should be doing things such as sleeping on your stomach, and eating sushi, and rolling over without moaning, and standing up from the couch without needing to call your husband to come from across the house to hoist you up. You should be living it up!

However, this week you will find me doing all the moaning, needing all the hoisting, and waiting for this baby to make its appearance. If you are a witch and know any “Come Out, Baby” spells, now would be the time to cast them. If you have any leftover pizza from the weekend, now would be the time to send it over. I’m going to need all the help I can get.


PS. If you are as obsessed with my FAB Kate diaper bag as I am, get ready, because the lovely StorkSak will be giving one away to a lucky reader this week! That sucker is beyond gorgeous and a $210 value! I don’t know how I LIVED before I got mine. Get your giveaway fingers READY!

Diaper Bag: c/o StorkSak
Jacket: c/o SheInside
Jeans: Charlotte Russe 19.99
Boots: UrbanOG 16.99

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