This dress.

So listen. On this blog we have our brands we love and we talk about them a little here and there if we like them, but mostly we just wear what we like and let you decide for yourself if you like it too. However, today I am blatantly, unabashedly going to shove this particular brand down your face because it is the GREATEST I have hereby experienced in pregnancy, and I know Sam feels the same way. 
You see, a couple of weeks ago Sam posted this outfit with maternity pants from Boob, and today I am wearing a dress from the faaab Boob. To put words in Sam’s mouth, all of the other maternity pants she has tried have sucked compared to Boob’s. They stay up. The fit great. They hold things in. These are goood characteristics in maternity pants, ya’ll. Now, I’ll tell you about the magic that is my dress. I don’t know if you saw a few weeks ago that a bunch of bloggers were going totally nuts over these cool dresses for mamas? So cute. However, how in the world could you nurse in those suckers? It seems like a strange oversight for dresses made just for moms. 
However, the dresses at Boob are awesome for maternity and awesome after baby because they are made for nursing, with a secret nursing flap for ease while feeding your little ones. I would have photographed how this works and added it to this post if it wasn’t going to be slightly pornographic, but you can see an example here. It’s a bomb feature. The quality is beyond. The fit is perfection. I will be investing in much more Boob to come because this is good stuff, and that is just about as ringing of an endorsement as you can get coming from a 9-month prego lady who only wants to wear mumu’s these days but feels GREAT in this dress. So, give them a visit right here if you feel so inclined. We highly recommend. The end. 
Also. I said the word boob a lot in this post. Now that I am done telling you the important stuff, we can hereby commence giggling over that word. Boob. Ha. 
Dress: c/o Boob
Scarf: Gift 
Tights: F21 3.00
Boots: UrbanOG 24.99

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