Hey guys…

Hey guys. It’s me, Liz.

That’s right. I’m still around.


No. I haven’t had a baby yet. I’m still just sitting here with it inside of me at nearly 41 weeks like some kind of sucker.

In relation, you should know that I’m not getting dressed anymore. Just waking up in lots of LARGE pajamas, not changing out of them, and then calling it a day.

Also, I’m not really eating from all the food groups either. Just the ones with bread in them. Also, the ones with sugar since that’s a food group, yes?

Sue me.

Lastly, as a result of my state, I have hijacked some of Sam’s recent outfit photos where she looks cute and 26 weeks prego and she doesn’t have swollen appendages like someone else she knows and I am using them for my post today and I don’t even feel bad about the thievery.

Desperate pregnant times call for desperate pregnant measures.

She does look cute though, huh? All colorful and not swollen and all that.

Anyway, just thought I’d give you the update. To summarize: No baby, Sam looks cute, give me all the bread.

ox. Liz

Sweater: c/o SheInside
Jeans: Old Navy $19
Boots: Kohls $35

Necklace: c/o Style Lately

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