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Looking at my handy weather app this morning it looks as though a whoooole lot of you are waking up to real gross weather this morning just like we are here in snowy/icy PA. Schools are canceled, brains are too frozen to write blog posts. 

However, we have been doing this blog for a loooong time, so pretty much all there is to say on a style blog like this one has already been said in some way. Therefore I am assigning you to read this PLA cross reference of the last time I wore floral leggings like I am today. Make sure you have a pencil handy. There will be a quiz. And by quiz, I mean, I will judge you for not wearing your leggings correctly should we bump into each other at Target later. No excuses.  

And yes, you will be required to cite both posts in the bibliography of your PLA midterm about wearing leggings. If you forget you can get extra credit by turning it in with baked goods. Bonus points for things with Nutella in them. Class dismissed. 

ox. Liz

Dress: c/o Oasap
Leggings: c/o Oasap
Boots: UrbanOG 16.99
Cardi: TJMaxx 6.99
Necklace: NY & Co. 12.99
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