DIY Recycled Onesies!

As of today I am due to have a little baby girl enter the world in 2 weeks! TWO. Yikes. I’m sooo excited. I’m sooo scared. (Sidenote: Name that Saved by the Bell episode and we shall officially be kindred.) And, since I already have a little boy I haven’t felt a lot of pressure to have to get much ready, but the clothes! Girl clothes! I am obsessed. Ruffles. Hearts. Pink. Accessories. It’s all sooo good. And while I have certainly purchased my share of girl outfits, I have felt some guilt buying a ton of new baby clothes when I have so so SO many baby boy onesies that were hardly worn when baby R was brand new. So, I decided to pick out a few of my favs and girlify them for new baby girl to save a dollar or two and get more use out of all those onesies I accumulated with the first babe.
This was such an easy and fun project! I sewed a little. I used some iron on transfer paper. I did some glue-gunning with fabric glue, and got a handful of them done all in a single naptime. Down below is how a couple of them looked before. Really, most of these could have been worn by a girl and been fine since they are basic stripes, but guys, I have only had a boy. Let me have my ruffles and flowers.
After I picked the ones I wanted to change, I headed to Michaels. Pretty much all of the supplies I used came from the dollar aisle there (the BEST aisle besides Martha’s, of course), and the clearance aisles. Nothing was over $2 and most of the supplies I bought were much less, since, you might as well just buy new stuff if you’re gonna spend lots more recycling old things. Feel me?
Then, I laid it all out and made a game plan.


Here’s how some of my favs turned out:
1. Ric Rac + Crochet Flowers:


All I did with this one is sew ric rac around the edges and sew own these crochet flowers from the dollar aisle to cover the guitar. Precious, huh?
2. Iron on transfer LOVE:
For this little number I used iron-on letters c/o MyNextStyle.com, and used iron-on transfer paper to attach this little heart that I cut out of felt.
3. Felt Flowers + Scallops:
I found these perfect felt flowers in the clearance aisle at Michaels and snatched up a bunch, and found this felt scalloped ribbon in a little pack of ribbon on clearance in the scrapbook section. Sew it all on, and BAM, I think this one is my fav.

4. Sparkle Heart + Ruffles:

This one was a bit of a wild card and might not hold up on a toddler-aged-wild-animal-super-mobile babe like I have now, but for a snuggly, still newborn it should be perf. I cut the orange heart out of felt, the sparkle heart out of some sparkle foam, and glued it all on with my fabric glue gun. Then, I sewed on some ruffle ribbon around all the edges. I heart it.
5. Put a flower on it:

Obviously there wasn’t much to this one except attaching a flower from a pack I found on clearance, but it just shows how simple the change from boy to girl can be. I updated a handful of other onesies this same way, and it ended up costing just pennies when it came down to it. You could even make your own flowers if you are craftier than me and it might be even cheaper!

And, there it is! Baby girl is gonna be looking cuuuuute!

Now if I could only figure out what her name should be and a way to get her out of me without having to go through labor and some way to get her to sleep ten hours from the day she is born I will be set. Send suggestions. Or a nanny.



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