Are you suffering from a Super Bowl hangover this morning? I most definitely am, especially since my Super Bowl consisted not of how much football I could watch, but how many pigs-in-a-blanket I could stuff in my face, generally resulting in my feeling like a pig-in-a-blanket myself this morning. I’m not complaining though. I mean, the Super Bowl is a time for the best football players to display their football prowess, just like it is a time for me to display my eating-tiny-foods-in-large-amounts prowess. And, just like the football players prepared, practiced, and trained for that game, I spent pretty much all of January eating my feelings of sadness over being stuck in that month, not to mention the fact that I am just about as pregnant as you can be, so ya, it pretty much goes with out saying that I was not only prepared, I was the MVP. 
Can’t wait for the Olympics to start so I can start start watching expert ice skaters whilst simultaneously exhibiting my expertise in ice cream eating. It’s gonna be something reeeeal special to see. 
I love sports. 
Now, how much did you eat last night? I suspect that if you are a Broncos fan you ate more than most. Tell us all about. This is a safe place. 
ox. Liz 

Jeans: Jane.com
Sweater: c/o SheInside
Blouse: c/o SheInside
Boots: UrbanOG 16.99
Bag: Kohls 12.99

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