The “real-feel” on the weather app on my phone said it was -27 today. NEGATIVE TWENTY-SEVEN. My little son has caught a yucky bug and has been tossing his cookies. It took us 20+ hours to get home yesterday from being across the country when it should have only taken 6. Also, of course our luggage got lost so I haven’t brushed my teeth with a toothbrush for 24 hours because -27 real-feel. And the news just told me that this week is statistically the most depressing week of the entire year.


Oh, but there’s always something to be grateful for right? We have to find those things. So, there’s cozy beds with lots of blankets when it’s beyond frigid, and there’s lots of snuggling and movies when the babies are sick, and there’s lots of gratitude for the desk agents in the insanely chaotic airports on the East Coast where the weather is ridiculous that finally cut you a break. And there’s pizza and cookies and Diet Coke. Always there’s pizza, cookies, and Diet Coke. And there’s colorful cardigans like I’m wearing today that you can wrap yourself up in like a swaddle that make you feel like you are wearing a hug, helping you feel a little better so you can show that news reporter you aren’t going to be part of the statistic. Sure, it might also take extra pizza/cookies/DC, but he doesn’t have to know your methods.

Stay warm and happy today!
Or, just complain to me in the comments. Especially if you’re freezing. I’m here to listen.


Cardigan: c/o SheInside
Necklace: Rue21
Top: Kohls 14.99
Jeans: Charlotte Russe 19.99
Boots: Amazon 24.99

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