Five Things Friday

1. Starting a new year means getting a pretty new calendar! As a result, I have compiled a collage of a few that I found on Etsy which I am having difficulties choosing between. Perhaps I will just get them all and put them in different rooms and be really good at knowing what day it is this year. 
Find them here: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

2. So, this whole polar vortex nonsense this week pretty much made me want to beat up the weatherman, but guys, to ease my pain I found this recipe for RED VELVET HOT CHOCOLATE. So, bring it -16 degree weather. I can take you! (Actually, I’m lying. I can’t take you. Please go away. The hot chocolate is delicious, yes, but I want the feeling back in my fingers.)

Red Velvet Hot Cocoa
Find the recipe here.
3. In relation to said polar vortex, I love having a good and cute indoor project to help stave off the cabin fever, and these folk letter cross-stitch patterns are perfect for keeping busy whist being stuck indoors. Adorbz.
Image of Mini Folk Letter PDF Patterns
Find the pattern here.

3. And of course you will need something warm to wear during this INSANE weather… so what better than a cozy hoodie that reminds you of warmer weather? Say… in California? We love these precious hoodies from Groopdealz that are only $16.99!

5. And then cuddle up and watch this really funny video to get you through your Friday work day, which if you are anything like me, is dragging because the weekend is SO CLOSE BUT SO FAR AWAY.

Happy Friday!
xo, Sam and Liz

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