Let’s Talk Maternity.

Here I am world, expecting a child on this blog once again! As a result, from time to time I get questions about pregnancy style, what to wear, how to dress a bump, etc. So, I thought today I would share with you my tips for dressing for maternity. I shall now impart. 

1. Recognize that being pregnant means that you are a human who looks as though you are carrying a bowling ball of varying sizes under your shirt. Also, you are doing so while other body parts are also getting bigger involuntarily (see hips, thighs, cheeks of the facial and buttocks variety) and you are trying to go on living some semblance of a normal life. In addition, your growing-bowling-ball body is unusual to much of the population since, at any given time they do not look as though they are touting bowling balls. As a result, that percentage (most of whom you do not know) often feels compelled to point out said growing body parts (as if you didn’t know that ya, I AM huge and DO look like a basketball is trying to escape from my belly button!) in the line at the grocery store, at church, in public restrooms. Therefore, I say that the fact that you make any effort whatsoever to clothe yourself whilst pregnant should be commended. No, really. Also, if you put on heels and/or skinnies, call the president. That’s Purple Heart territory. 

2. Buy all the leggings. 

3. That’s it. Those are the tips. Just leggings and regular self-back-patting.

My first pregnancy I was obsessed with what I wore. I wanted to break whatever ridiculous mold I had created in my head about “frumpy” pregnant people and be cute, and stylish, and not “give up” while I was pregnant. And, while I still completely subscribe to the mantra of “look good, feel good,” and think that putting some effort into your appearance every day matters, while pregnant, and even while not pregnant, we have to give ourselves a break sometimes, recognize what little significance clothes really have, and be kind to ourselves, acknowledging that we have value whether we stayed in our jammies all day or not. 

People are gonna say dumb stuff. We’re people. We do those things. Some days we’re gonna feel good and some days we’re gonna feel like blimps. That is how it is too. But we can take deep breaths, take a walk, drink that Diet Coke, laugh with our friends/kids/significant others, eat a cookie, read a good book, sing “All I Want for Christmas is Yooooou” really loud in the car, say some prayers, find an artistic outlet, take a long nap, hug our people, and then maybe it’ll be easier for us to remember that even though blogs like this one about silly things are a nice escape, feeling pretty is good, and clothes are fun, they don’t matter that much at all. 

So, go make babies, or make art, or make dinner, and know you are lookin’ GOOD with or without a bowling-ball-belly and whether you’ve got any clothes on or not. (But wear clothes while making dinner, ok? It’s Christmastime. Burns are not festive.)


Top: c/o Pink Blush Maternity (Watch for their giveaway TOMORROW!)
Jeans: Charlotte Russe $20
Clutch: PLA DIY (Find the tutorial here)
Boots: Amazon 24.99
Scarf: DIY

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