Aztec Affection.

You know how chevron has kind of gone over to the bad place? Like, it was super cute and novel in it’s infancy, then it had a Pinterest explosion and everyone started painting their walls and their nails and their first born’s onesies with chevron and now it is starting err on the side of the gerber-daisy-themed-wedding-outbreak of 2006? I am scared for the day this happens with aztec print. You see, I love it. I can’t get enough of it. My sweater collection it starting to look like it came from the clay ruins of New Mexico and it brings me great satisfaction. (Ya, I’ve never been to New Mexico. I don’t know if there is clay and/or ruins there. I’m just trying to paint a picture so you’ll have to just go with it.)
But, the wheels of fashion-trend progress will not be stopped. Someday I am sure to open my closet and grimace at all those sweaters with southwestern shapes and wonder what the heck I was thinking. Kind of like when I look at the pictures of the infamous Liz-W-backcombed-bob of 2004. Those were dark times. Dark times. 
However, for today I shall drape myself in aztec and revel in the cuteness. I shall also maybe learn where New Mexico is on a map for the next time we discuss my love for the print so you can get off my back about not knowing geography. 
In the meantime, long live aztec print!
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Sweater: c/o C.C. Lake
Jeans: Charlotte Russe 19.99
Scarf: Walmart 6.00
Coat: c/o SheInside 

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