Be Brave.





Yesterday was a big one for me. And I mean big. I did something new. I was brave. I took charge of my life. I stared fear in the face and said “Get outta here, you!”.

And I got my first flu shot.

Ok, ya. The buildup was a little much. No, I did not scale any mountains as my outfit today from the waist up might suggest, but still, I’m horrrrified of needles, so this was basically my Everest. I mean, I try to stay away from medicines unless my limbs start to fall off or something. Also, I avoid the hospital like the plague, which actually makes sense since they could be treating the plague in there, you don’t know. But after being urged by my husband and all but threatened by my family members who don’t want me around their kiddos unless I am vaccinated, I figured it was time. So I sucked it up, got myself to the flu clinic, and got myself that shot. Everyone was so proud. The theme from Rocky played as I exited the clinic. The nurses cheered and wept. They said they had never seen anyone exhibit that kind of bravery.

But really, it wasn’t so bad.

So let this be a lesson to all. Face your fears! Try something new! Get a flu shot! Or, do something that actually requires the real bravery of a normal person! Either way!

And have a great day.
xo, Sam

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