Ultra Glamorous

Top: co/ZLZ
Tights: co/We Love Colors
Cardigan: $12 Forever21
Skirt: $4 Thrifted
Booties: $32 MakeMeChic.com





Happy Tuesday everybody! Generally, I work full-time from home on my couch, in my PJs, watching Friends marathons, makeup-less, and eating candy all day. But every now and then I go to my office in SLC, and today is one of those days. Here I am, all dressed up, hair brushed and everything. And I even brushed my teeth before noon, which is a real miracle. On top of that, I am getting my hair done tonight after work, so I am pretty much Nicole Kidman today.

In relation, there is something about a mix of colors and patterns in an outfit that helps me feel as though I have upped my glam meter. I have found, over the years, that quirky and bold mixes like this one make me feel extra confident and super sassy since it’s like wearing the equivalent of saying, Dont tell me what to do, which I like, and which is just what I need on this hard-working Tuesday.

So…I must know, what makes YOU feel glamorous/confident/sassy? I want to steal your tactics. Sharing time.

Have a great day!
xo, Sam
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