My shirt has elephants on it today. So, in order to stay in theme in a really, really half-hearted way, I shall tell you what the hypothetical ‘elephant’ in the room is: I have no Halloween costume for my 18-month old. Worse than that I don’t have any ideas for a Halloween costume. I don’t want to sew, also, I don’t want to spend $30 on it. I am willing to glue gun or paint or do other things that I can do whist binge-watching Scandal. Give me all your ideas. ALL OF THEM. In return, I won’t try to work in anymore elephant jokes into this post, such as why elephants have trunks, which is because they don’t have hands to carry a suitcase.

But for reals, tell that one to anyone under the age of 9 and it will KILL.
Now, give me all the costume ideas. My tiny elephants and I thank you.


Outfit Details:
Elephant Sweatshirt: c/o Sheinside
Blouse: ROSS 8.99
Jeggings: Kohls 13.99
Flats: ROSS 8.99

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