Plaid shirt analogies




Plaid shirts are probably my clothing item of choice in fall and winter seasons because they are cute and comfy and hello, so many varieties. Like this one that looks kinda Burberry big plaid that I am pretty much in love with. So I thought I would come up with some analogies to accurately describe how perfect I think it is. Here we go:
This plaid shirt is to shirts, as…
Scandal is to TV shows
Brownies is to food
Fall is to seasons
Benedict Cumberbatch is to actors
Christmas is to holidays
Soccer is to sports
Ellen is to celebrities
Sour Patch Kids is to candy
Peonies is to flowers
Target is to superstores
You get the idea. Pretty much I am saying this shirt is the best of the shirts as far as I know it. What analogies am I missing? Let’s get creative.
xo, Sam

Dress: Thrifted $8
Scarf: co/eShakti
Tights: co/Hanes
Booties: MakeMeChic.com $32

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