My Flamingo Blouse.

Don’t you think that flamingo’s are the most stylish of animals? They’re pink! And sometimes ombre pink! And they are always posing! I mean, sure, peacocks are also an obvious choice, but they are really more glamorous and uppity. It’s like, peacocks would probably shop at Prada or something, but flamingos would be cool with shopping at TJMaxx and would totally make it work. Therefore, I honor those scrappy, sassy flamingos by wearing them all over myself today, since, there is no better way to honor another creature than by wearing them on your shirt. Or, by not eating them.

(Sorry. That took an icky turn. Isn’t it obvious that I am kinda struggling in the content area today? I mean, it’s a post about birds. BIRDS.)

So, in conclusion, this is my flamingo blouse. The end.


Outfit Details:
Blouse: c/o Persun
Shoes: c/o SammyDress
Jeans: ROSS 12.99

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