The one you had coming.

Sweater: co/Oasap
Scarf: gift 
Jeans: $12 Walmart
Boots: $35 Kohls

Ok folks, here it is.

You knew it was on its way. Pinterest and every Starbucks-salted-caramel-hot-chocolate-loving blogger in the universe has been warning you of its impending appearance. And, as of this last weekend, the calendar is even saying that it is officially here, so you KNOW you had this post coming.

I’m talkin about FALL, PEOPLE.

Pumpkins. Layers. Baked goods that have layers OF pumpkin. It’s a good time to be alive, I tell ya. And yes, this is the outfit I am wearing to culminate, this, the obligatory I’m-so-excited-it’s-fall post here at the PLA, the parts of which are equal to a deliciously standard fall outfit. Lets break it down: Cable-knit sweater… check. Scarf… check. Boots… check. Fall leaves in the background… way pretty check.

Yes, it’s here. Let’s put on lots of clothes and eat soup and burn the heck out of our pumpkin spice candles and live it UP.

Now, don’t you dare leave without doing your girly duty and telling us your fall loves in the comments. Don’t you DARE.


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