Wear your heart on your sleeve.

Sweater: co/Oasap
Necklace: co/Cor do Mel
Pants: $12 Walmart
Boots: $23 Ross




Since I’m literally wearing hearts on my sleeves today I thought it might be extra poetic if I wore my figurative heart on my sleeve as well and really opened up to you guys about something in today’s post. You know, really break Sam apart and just get her all out there for the world to see. But, it’s Monday, and all I can think about are doughnuts. And while doughnuts are very special to me, it’s not really the emotionally charged, soul-bearing subject I was thinking of discussing. But really, that’s all that is there. The only thing. Just sprinkles, and glazes, and fluffy happiness. 

Come to think of it, perhaps my next sweater purchase should have doughnut patches on the sleeves. If you guys see one could you send me the link? Appreciate you.

What’s on your mind today? Just put that heart and/or doughnut on your sleeve and let us have it. 
Have a great Monday!
xo, Sam

PS – How CUTE is the colorful necklace I am wearing? Well, FYI Cor do Mel is doing a huge $3500 jewelry giveaway on their website, so go check it out and enter!

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