The Cat Shirt

Top: co/Kintage
Skirt: Ross $16
Shoes: DSW Gift
Necklace: co/Daily Frills

This is a big week at our house! For the last two years, my husband has had class every Tuesday from 5:00 pm – 10:30 pm for his masters degree. For two years I have sat alone all night long on Tuesdays. Spent too much money on Cafe Rio takeout because I was lonely and I deserved to have all the burritos I wanted. Also, I watched too many episodes of Dance Moms on TV because my husband wasn’t home to judge me for it. However, things are lookin up since this is the very last week of classes for him and I am soooooo excited. No more lonely Tuesdays for me!

In addition to that, Wednesday is our 4 year anniversary. And that gives me even more reason to celebrate Alex. That’s my husband’s name, by the way. Since we are telling names on the blog now.

So, in my husband’s honor, I wore a cat shirt. Because he loves cats. Well, all animals really. But cats especially. So much so that I have, on occasion, come home to stray cats in my apartment with a bowl of milk on the kitchen floor. And sometimes when we go on walks, I get ditched for the cats he sees and can’t resist petting. It’s cool. It just reminds me that he has the biggest heart. And loves all living creatures. And I love him for it.

Dear Alex, congratulations on finishing classes, and happy anniversary. This shirt is for you!

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Now, who wants to know the winner of the Bella Ella Boutique giveaway? The lucky gal is…

Abby Shuler

Congratulations! Email us at prettylifeanonymous@gmail.com ASAP and we will get you taken care of. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Happy Monday!
xo, Sam

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