The Bath Time of Shirts.

Top: c/o Pinned Pretty (FAB giveaway coming this week!!!)
Jeans: F21 16.99
Shoes: Payless 6.99
Bag: Kohls Idk. 

This shirt. I hereby declare this shirt to be the bath time of shirts. Just go with me. You see, I love the heck out of bath time because it is pretty much Xanex for babies (that is, until actual Xanex for babies is invented. Where you at, science?) and after bath time comes bedtime and I don’t think I gotta spell out for you how beloved bedtime is (MONEY IN THE BANK).

So yes, I love bath time. I cherish it. It brings me joy. Much like this shirt, bath time’s namesake. You see, its print is adorbs, its shape is so pretty, and I can order and consume the Taco Bell Liz Special (1 Supreme Chalupa, 1 soft taco, 1 hard taco, Large DC) and you cannot tell because it is forgiving as heck. Yes, if there ever was a bath time of shirts, I have found it, and I will wear it to get me through this Monday, the tantrum-in-the-middle-of-church of days.

Hope it’s a good one for you!
(If it isn’t, it’s kind of your fault. I did just let you in on the Taco Bell Liz Special after all.)

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