Weekend Routine

Dress: co/SammyDress
Shirt: Walmart $6
Sandals: Target $12
Necklace: Mom’s

So… there goes another weekend. Whaaat? I’ll tell you, it’s a down right phenomenon how fast those suckers go by. For me, the speed with which they disappear may come as a result of the pretty rigid weekend routine my husband and I keep around here, and I love it. Let me tell you about it.

First, Friday we have date night, which consists of dinner out and watching the newest Dateline NBC (scares me lots every time but can’t help it. Such a sucker for a murder mystery). Then, Saturday day we like to play it fast and loose to allow for anything fun that might come our way. Yes, we are party animals. For example, this week we spent some time with family and went to the USA Gold Cup soccer game in SLC, where we got poured on, but had the greatest time. Then, once the wildness has come to a close, we always cook breakfast for dinner on Saturday night. Then, Sunday we go to church, watch movies, and go for walks. Looove that day.

Pretty thrilling stuff, am I right? Love that freakin weekend. Now friends…what did you do this weekend? Are you a routine weekender like us, or do you like to be more spontaneous? If you are the routine type, what is on your weekend schedule? Let’s keep the weekend spirit alive. Tell us alllll about it.

Have a great Monday!
xo, Sam

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